Richard Peabody

The one and only, incredibly good-looking and most powerful trillionaire in the world. Peabody thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. He wants YOU on his guest list, so he can show you how much stuff he has. This will be the biggest party of the century and Peabody has spared no expense. You may see Mr. Wonderful checking himself out in the mirror with Sprinkles, his beloved cat, who was recently stuffed. A known womanizer who takes advantage of everyone he knows, he doesn’t have any real friends. This may get him into trouble. Who would want to kill anyone so perfect?


Peabody’s beloved cat, who was recently stuffed by Admiral Au Jus. He was a good cat and always kept his litter box clean.  Even though his soul is no longer on this earth, at least his stiff body can bring comfort to his owner.

Horace Flatfoot

The most charming and dashing Frenchman you’ll ever meet! Gentlemen, hang on to your wife or Horace might sweep her off of her feet when your not looking! He and his brother Shamus are Richard Peabody’s bodyguards, but will be the hosts for the evening’s festivities. Horace absolutely loves when people come over because he can continually flirt and hit on the dames.

Shamus Flatfoot

The most annoyed, sarcastic and pissy Frenchman you’ll ever meet! Watch out for this sour puss. He absolutely hates waiting on people especially guests at the mansion parties. Not to mention, he hates his job, Richard, and his life. There is a part of Shamus that wishes he was more like his brother Horace, who he tries to emulate at times, but fails miserably.

Ms. Ivory

The head maid at the Peabody Mansion.  She is so shy and quiet you cannot barely hear what she is saying, but don’t let this fool you. Perhaps there is a diva deep within waiting to bust out? Ivory hates working for Peabody, but she is poor and doesn’t have the means to leave. This repressed woman has learned over the years to keep her head down and her mouth shut.

Mildred Tuttlebottom

This kooky lady dances to her own beat. Mildred has always been a little nerdy, clumsy, and has never quite fit in, but she doesn’t mind one bit. She is dating Vincent, but is sort of embarrassed about it.  Mildred does not want to be alone and Vincent is the best she can do.  However, Mildred has a MAJOR crush on Peabody even though he is a jerk to her. Like a loyal puppy dog, it does not matter how many times Peabody brushes her away, she always comes back for more! Mildred is best friends with Ms. Ivory and can interpret what she is saying.

Vincent Schneider

A creepy individual who volunteered to be a test subject for Doctor Clementine’s experiments in exchange for a job as the mansion’s butler. The experiment went terribly wrong, but not that it made much of a difference since Vincent was already strange to begin with. You might see him randomly talking to himself. Even the bugs scatter when Vincent comes around. He does not care for Peabody, but gets revenge in other ways since he is a bit mischievous. Vincent is really proud to be dating Mildred Tuttlebottom and isn’t shy telling people about it.

Roxanne Bennett

A  happy, friendly kleptomaniac, who serves on Peabody’s mansion staff. She won’t steal from the boss, but she swipes things randomly from guests in plain view. Roxanne accepts herself for who she is, so she isn’t the least bit sorry for her condition. She returns items if people question what she is doing. This squirrel is scurrying around to start storing up items for winter.

Betty Posh

A  self-centered, know-it-all, who serves on Peabody’s mansion staff. She is a natural born leader and doesn’t really care for manual work. Betty thinks she is way above her job and tries to delegate her tasks to the rest of her counterparts. Why get soft hands like this dirty? You may find her gazing at herself in the mirror.

Esther Stein

A calm speaking, motherly type wise beyond her years, who serves on Peabody’s mansion staff. However, she can sometimes be a sour crab apple if you start asking for too much. A future nun in the making perhaps? Esther believes in the art of discipline and hard work, so she may get agitated if repeatedly asked to complete a task someone could have easily done for themselves even if it is her job to wait on people.

Margaret Windsor

A  fast-talking, easily distracted fidgeter, who serves on Peabody’s mansion staff. Her behavior makes people question she might be on something. Completely in her own world, she laughs at her own jokes and compulsively lies about everything. I wouldn’t trust this pretty one if I were you!

Mrs. Flamingo

A  southern debutant widower.  She is very private and doesn’t like to talk about her past, so it is somewhat of a mystery. Her husbands have a habit of dying shortly after they are wed. Born into privilege, Mrs. Flamingo cannot stand it when others do not exude the highest form of manners. She’s never worked a day in her life and overspends her means constantly. And guess what? She happened to bump into the most eligible Trillionaire at the horse races and has gone on a few dates with Peabody. Flamingo has two children, Mary and Alice from her prior marriages.

Mary Flamingo

Daughter of Mrs. Flamingo and a mini Mrs. Flamingo in the making. Mary tries to get her mother’s attention by being just like her. When in reality, she is a smug, brown nosing, tattletale. Mary is very excited to start learning about the “family business”. She knows the type to look out for, so don’t be surprised if she starts asking you about what you do for a living or your financials.

Alice Flamingo

Daughter of Mrs. Flamingo and a very dark, disturbed and extremely shy child. She does not say much, but when she does, it definitely gets your attention. Like her sister, Alice also knows about the family business, but has a completely different perspective on what her mother is up to. However, she goes along with it because it is all she has ever known.

Father Eton

A priest with a bubbly personality, who happens to be a recovering alcoholic. Emphasis on the “recovery” part. He is in the mood to celebrate since he started construction on a large project to build a new orphanage.  Praise the lord Peabody pledged to make a large donation. Holy Mary now that is the perfect reason for anyone to cut loose!

Admiral Au Jus

A not so bright hunter, who also owns his own taxidermy business, but there is one problem. He is not very good at it. What he lacks in smarts and words, he makes up for in looks. When this simpleton is not doing taxidermy, Au Jus likes long walks on the beach and going on safaris. He has even gone on a couple excursions with Peabody. Au Jus has always had a passion for animals, especially the dead ones since they cannot run away from him. Au Jus even stuffed Sprinkles for Peabody.

Doctor Clementine

An extremely intelligent, physiatrist and inventor, who is a little on the nerdy side. The doctor never leaves home without his two closest friends, his therapy puppets, Rupert and Diane. He was hired by Peabody to invent a cure all formula and has even tested earlier trials on Vincent. Some tests did not go as planned. Tragedy struck however, when Clementine somehow suffered an unfortunate accident at the lab. As a result, now suffers from a severe short-term memory problem. If he could only remember he achieved his one lifelong dream. He wanted to invent something that would truly benefit mankind for years to come.

Miss Canary

A struggling actress who is dying to be the center of attention and thinks she is an expert in everything related to the arts. What she can’t see she is actually pretty terrible at everything. Spotlight hungry, Canary could burst into song at any moment and she always acts like she is on stage. You never know who you might bump into – the next producer or director of a big show? Currently she works as a waitress and she is about to lose her apartment because she doesn’t make enough to make ends meet. Good thing Peabody, a frequent restaurant visitor, promised to help her out. She is very excited to come to the party to discuss her career with Peabody and meet some very important and very influential big time producers!